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Published on 15 March 2012
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Most people know something about the coming of Jesus as a baby in Bethlehem. But what else does the church here at Woodside Green Christian Centre also believe in?

Well, we believe in the Bible as God’s special and complete message to all of us. Of course, the Bible tells us about Jesus, God’s son; in fact, Jesus is called The Word. So with the Bible and the words of Jesus we can learn both of God’s tough demands on us, but also his great mercy when we fail to live up to those demands. That’s where Jesus’ most important act comes in.
God is the supreme Judge, and has to apply the full punishment for our wrongdoing.  But instead of it falling on us, Jesus suffered a cruel death on a Roman cross in our place! He was then raised back to life to complete God’s victory over death.
So the Christians now meeting at Woodside Green aim to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and to worship him as a direct response to what he did for us through his death. That’s what Christians do, but it takes a step of faith to receive this life-changing and eternal experience of God – what we sometimes call conversion.
There are other important things like baptism and remembering Jesus’ death by sharing bread and wine (communion), but hopefully what you have read here describes what we are all about.

Please ask us in person or via the website for a free DVD called ‘More to Life’ which shows different people from every walk of life talking about this life-changing experience.

Please also talk to one of our leaders to find out more about Woodside Green Christian Centre or phone Stephen Holmes on 0208 668 6082 or you can get in touch via our email address at:

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