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Published on 17 September 2013
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James & Ben are part of our worship group here at WGCC when they are home from their studies at their various Universities. They are former members of the Woodside Mandem that comprised a drummer, Jonathan and cellist, Thomas but their prime musical direction was in christian rap. 

You can hear Ben & James singing and playing at our recent services at Sunday@Noon on their debut outings. You will need to be a registered member on the WGCC website to be able to hear these songs. 

There is also an opportunity to see three live performances by James & Ben at our recent Sunday@Noon services and again you will need to be a registered member on the WGCC website to view these videos.

{flv}How He Loves Us{/flv}

'How He Loves Us' - James & Ben

{flv}Your Love Never Fails{/flv}

'Your Love Never Fails' - James & Ben


This is the latest video offering from James & Ben recorded on Sunday 22nd December 2013

{flv}Why Do We Forget{/flv}

'Why Do We Forget' - James & Ben


James & Ben performed at our New Year Celebration and Concert here at WGCC on Saturday 3rd January and below you can see the 3 songs that they shared with us that evening. The 3rd composition was written by James & Ben.

{flv}Through and Through{/flv}

'Through and Through / Set a Fire'

{flv}Let it Rain{/flv}

'Let it Rain'

{flv}Looking For Jesus{/flv}

'Looking For Jesus'




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