8th Apr, 10.45am - Tea 'n' Tots Online began


Tea'n'Tots Online came into being at the end of March 2020.  On March 11th Tea’n’Tots closed [temporarily] as the country moved into lock down due to Coronavirus.


To maintain contact with the parents, carers and children to build on the positive relationships established since opening in September 2019

To support parents by providing a source of enjoyment and learning for the toddlers at home

To encourage participation with our viewers.

Team Effort:

The Episodes go out fortnightly – on Wednesdays. All content is created and filmed in our own homes however, we maintain the sense of identity with WGCC by the opening visuals / photos and images of the Team members.  The Programmes are engaging, visually stimulating, pacey and varied. We create the personal touch by including greetings from team members and birthday greetings to the children.

We try to maintain high standards by fortnightly planning and review zoom meetings on Thursdays at 11.00 am.

Episodes are between 12-21 minutes on average in length – they  include:


Greetings from the Team Members

Song Time

Birthday Greetings

Message board- messages from parents  

Story Time – Bible story

Tea'n'Tots Art Gallery

Star Zone

Activity segment – making crafts/ quizzes /competitions

Episode 1 went out on 8th April to positive response from numbers of views and messages from parents. The following episodes have had good viewing response and are available for viewing on the WGCC YouTube channel:


Episode 1 –Weds 08/04/2020

Episode 2 - Weds 15/04/2020

Episode 3 – Weds 29/04/2020

Episode 4 – Weds 13/05/2020

Episode 5 – Weds 27/05/2020 

Episode 6 –Weds 10/06/2020

Episode 7 - Weds 24/06/2020

Episode 8 – Weds 08/07/2020

Episode 9 – Weds 22/07/2020


Future plans:

In view of the fact that the lock down is still essentially in place until at least June 2021, the following episodes will continue online following a review held in August 2020.


Dates: TBC