What sort of church are we?

We are a fellowship of Christians who aim to serve God the Father and Jesus Christ, His Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We worship in particular by remembering the death of Jesus in the taking of bread and wine (communion).

We preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and his power to save through His death and resurrection.

 We teach His Word, the Bible, which provides instruction, correction, and training in the Christian life.

We believe in baptism as the symbolic demonstration of faith in Jesus Christ, and that by faith in Jesus we enter into eternal life ultimately with Him in heaven.

You can read our full Statement of Faith here. If you have any enquiries regarding our church and its teaching and practices, please contact us here.


What do we do?

We operate a wide variety of activities and services here (below are more details about them) and we hope to see you soon at some of these events.