6th DEC, 10.00 aM – church TO  Re-open partially​

We are currently shut for another month, but the day will finally arrive when the doors of the Woodside Green Christian Centre officially re-open if only partially!


Following our last service which took place on Sunday 1st November, we have had to once again close all church activities during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic which has beset us since February 2020. Under government guidance we have sought to comply with their instructions and cease using the building for services and other local activities such as Tea’n’Tots Activities, Breaking of Bread Service, The Women’s Fellowship, Thursday Prayer & Bible Study along with the Martial Arts School on our campus and the Ballet School and Slimming World within our church complex.


Church over these past months has  looked very different but although the building has been shut, the ‘church’ per se has adapted to this strange term of the ‘New Normal’ by transferring some activities ‘online’.


Within a couple of the weeks of the lock-down, we have established a new YouTube channel under the banner of Woodside Green Christian Centre which features a ‘Home Church’ video service that goes out at 11.00 am each Sunday morning which is supplemented with additional notes for those unable to view due to having no internet access so all can congregate, albeit apart at the same time. In addition, there are programs for the ‘Sparkles’, ‘SAS’ groups, ‘Young Explorers’ and a two-weekly program from ‘Tea’n’Tots Online’ on a Wednesday.


Further meetings via Zoom have commenced on a weekly basis for ‘Sisters Prayer Meeting’, ‘Wednesday Bible Study’ hosted by Iain Bell and a newly established ‘Brothers Prayer Meeting’ each Friday at 08.00 pm hosted by Alf Taylor. Other adhoc meetings via Zoom also take place during the week such as Tea’n’Tots Team meetings to review past online episodes and to consider content for up and coming ones for example.


The opportunities have really come to the fore for the church to continue to meet and utilize the latest technology that brings as closer together at a time when we find ourselves apart.


This extended time away has been challenging but we believe that we are stronger as a church as a whole and it is great now to finally join back together in the physical house of God.


From the 6th December we h0pe to resume hosting just the one service initially commencing with the ‘Bread & Wine’ which is our communion worship time including prayers, Bible comments and a Bible Talk which is recorded. We also hope to have a Carol Service of sorts on or around Sunday 13th December. As we are currently not allowed to sing, there will be times of otherwise reflective remembrance.


You can now share with us as the weekly recorded Bible Talk is posted both on our YouTube Channel and below on this page. The service includes pre-recorded songs from Stephen Holmes along with the Bible Talk as per our other current online videos. Initially the postings took place from Monday, 6th July at 6.00 pm  which followed on  from the Sunday service on the 5th July and now currently being posted each Sunday morning at around 11.00 am.